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Get Published With Us!

Chrysanthemum Chronicles as a literary forum has come far from being an Online Journal only, now we are a Publication House where you can send your manuscript and become a published author. In our house, all the manuscripts will be looked upon and read carefully. There will be two rounds of evaluation one by the Chief Editor and one by the In-House Editor, then after calculating the potential of the book we might offer you with one of our Publishing models.

Currently we have two models of publishing, one is the Hybrid and the other one is the Traditional mode. Following are the features we would be providing you with in both of the models.

  1. Hybrid Publishing* In this model there will be a onetime charge of INR. 35,000 in which we would be giving you the publishing, marketing and distribution of your book through our online channels. Rest of the details shall be mentioned in the contract. This model is the one which will remain open if your manuscript doesn’t make it to the Traditional mode of publishing. You can also choose to be published directly through the Hybrid Publishing if you want your book to be taken and evaluated by the editorial board before the manuscripts that reach us through slush piles.

2. Traditional Publishing* In this model our editorial board will go through the book proposal a number of times, discussing it with the board and if we feel that it can be taken as the next brilliant title then we will ask you for the full manuscript and contract will be given to you. However what remains compulsive is to pay for the editorial service which will be a one time service fee that will cost you INR. 15,000.  This shall remain a mandatory condition as we would not pass any book or even publish under our banner without good editing done to it.


How to send your manuscript: For the first round evaluation send us three sample chapters for a novel/fiction book and ten pages if sending a proposal for a poetry manuscript, an Author Bio and a brief synopsis of your book proposal (up to 500-1000words). Our response time is one month and we shall get back to you within this time frame. In case you don’t hear from us after a month’s period, shoot a mail to us and we would dutifully share the update on your book proposal. The response time in both the publishing models will remain the same as we look through each submission diligently. Write in your mail which mode you want to get published through, however after evaluating your manuscript the Editorial Board will decide only whether your book fits in any of the above publishing mode.

Asking for the full manuscript doesn’t guaranty that you are going to get published with us. Keep a copy of your manuscript safe with you, we shall not stand responsible for any loss of the material even from the system.

So, if you feel you have written that book which needs to be out there among the myriad readers, then send us your book proposal today.


Kindly first submit the submission fee in the link given below, then after your payment share the screenshot of your completed payment along with your submission.

Happy Submission!

Monalisa Joshi

Founder, Director & Chief Editor

Chrysanthemum Chronicles

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