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A Tribute by Sheetal Ashpalia

Walking down the street,

My heart skips a beat,

I see the blue uniform,

A cop it is, in the background.

The horror of what transpired,

Just a few nights ago,

Is fresh in all our memories,

A brother, another human,

Lost his precious life,

Shame on you mankind!

Born of the same earth,

And one day, we’ll blend into it too,

Colors never defined us,

When God created us,

So why do we believe so?

The blood in the veins is the same,

Our hearts weep in pain,

Rest in peace, God’s precious child,

Your death is not in vain,

Remember that, ‘O, Gentle Giant!’

Sheetal Ashpalia: Poet & Writer

A dreamer, a believer, are the words that best describe Sheetal. She loves penning her thoughts and writing is her passion. She is passionate about all that she writes, be it short stories, poems or her thoughts. Poetry is what she discovered accidentally on the coaxing of dear friends in the writing community. Apart from reading and writing, she also enjoys singing and painting.

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