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An Ardent Lover's Song by Gowri Bhargav

Mon Amour! My heart wafts with the fragrance of my silent love for thee,

I have been hiding them in an armored cage for too long,

Penning my verses of love,

In a parchment inked with my blood,

'Neath the moonlit sky,

I am a poet and thou art my muse,

I wish to ;

Shower thee with a gentle drizzle of April showers,

Infuse thee with the scent of heavenly petrichor,

Adorn thy undulating tresses with freshly bloomed roses,

Embellish thy silken skin with yards of vivid rainbow,

Crown thee with a tiara molded from the shimmering stars,

Watch thee saunter along the elysian fields,

Recite my unending free verses like a cataclysmic deluge,

Woo thee with my similes and metaphors along with alliterated chants,

Sing dulcet songs with the onomatopoeic rhythms of rustling leaves and falling rain…

Mon Amour! I make a fervent plea to hear the songs from my throbbing heart.

I shalt ardently wait for thee to embrace me in thy bosom with love..

But if my songs fail to reach thee;

Stygian gloom would swathe like looming clouds

Blinding the path ahead that would mourn in solitude without thee,

The golden orb would fail to illumine my ambling days,

My silent screams would echo with thy name within the walls of my ailing heart,

I would be verklempt and refrain from speaking to anyone,

Hark! I'd be nothing but a body without

soul, drowned under layers deep..

Writer & Poet: Gowri Bhargav

Gowri Bhargav is a certified storyteller from Kathalaya academy. An Engineering graduate who is highly interested in arts, she has always had a passion to tell stories. She regularly conducts storytelling events for the benefit of school children. “Gowri Storyteller” is her YouTube channel dedicated to the art of storytelling.

She has also been a contributor to “Talking Stories Radio” - a programme dedicated to the art of storytelling by East London radio. She is an avid reader and an aspiring writer who enjoys weaving words into poems and stories. She has won several online contests conducted by literary platforms like Penmancy, Artoonsinn, Asian Literary Society and Chrysanthemum Chronicles. She has been a part of several anthologies. A few notable ones include - 'Around the world - landscapes and cityscapes’, a poetry anthology by 200 poets around the world by Sweetycat press, Airavata by Mayaakatha, Anklets in my Hands - a poetry anthology by Let’s make stories, 'A Call from Beyond' - audio poetry anthology, and 'To Frida, With love'- a chapbook of vignettes published by Chrysanthemum Chronicles.

Gowri also shares her writing on her website

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