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Forever Mine by Dr. Paromita Mukherjee Ojha

I have let you walk away

You, my darling always had the final say

It was you who gifted me your heart

Even though you knew I was an upstart

No past to boast of

No future flow chart

A vagabond, loner, a life falling apart

It was you who healed my wounds

Holding my hands under the crescent moon

Protecting me always from encircling hounds

All those precious moments

You erased from your soul without lament

Branding me a loser, a hopeless painter

You awoke from your silvery dreams

All my yearnings under your feet you trimmed

My fate you decided to rewrite-

By sealing your future with a wealthy upstart

Your parents never looked beyond my skin

An orphan, like me could never fit into their bill

You, want to walk on a gossamer path of wealth

Feel free; go ahead, my heart will bless you at every bend

But those moments I spent in your arms

Are my earnings of this lifetime.

Your moans of ecstasy after a night of passion

Will be my tokens of fond remembrance

Take my life, claim my soul

But these moments are solely my own

You have no claim on my treasures

My sweat and blood that I had shed underneath your bower

Waiting, pining, for a glimpse, ignoring the passing hours

Will you be able to return them measure by measure?

I am uncouth; I am brute by your society’s yard stick

I do not care; I do not bootlick

My heart is the sole custodian of your memories

No one, not even you can access those lost dreams

The floodgates would one day burst from the seams

My broken dreams, my hopes, my aspirations will beckon

That day you will look up at the stars, you will reckon

Looking at the glimmering canvas,

Your heart will retrace the way

Our hearts will conjoin at the crossway

You are mine, I am yours

Beyond the boundaries of time and space

We will be always together in myriad ways.

Dr. Paromita Mukherjee Ojha

Writer & Poet: Dr. Paromita Mukherjee Ojha

Dr. Paromita Mukherjee Ojha is a voracious reader, an accomplished painter and an educator by profession. She has presented and published more than twenty-one research papers on literature, language and human resource. A participating author/poet of multiple national /international- short story and poetry anthologies, she is a member of editorial team – Navy Wives Welfare Association Annual Magazine, Veerangana.

She was a participating poet in a poetry anthology titled Umbilical Cords: An Anthology on Parents Remembered published by Global Fraternity of Poets in January 2015. Besides, she was a participating author in a short story anthology titled Defiant Dreams: Tales of Everyday Divas, published by Readomania (January 2015), participating author in a short story anthology titled When They Spoke: Tales by Inanimates, published by Readomania (January 2016), a participating poet to a poetry anthology titled Cologne of Heritage: Incredible Bengal, published by Vishwabharati Research Centre (2017), a participating poet to a poetry anthology titled Spring: The Season of Love, published by Aditya Prakashan (2017); and a participating poet to a poetry anthology titled Love at First Sight, published by Aditya Prakashan (2018).

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