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Language of the Cosmos by Dipanjan Bhattacharjee

Through every grain of elfin sands; the world speaks a voice,

Through the winds that osculates the happy dunes; the world speaks a voice.

Tis the voice of love; the eternal voice of the cosmic world,

Unbounded and unfettered through the skies with pristine clouds unfurled.

Tis an ecumenical voice carrying omens of dreams and destiny,

Quite insouciant of the rapacious humans gasping in mutiny.

The language of the soul of the world speaks in the voice of seas,

Communicating to the privileged beings who can hear the festal breeze.

Beyond the cravings for mundane wealth and beyond the realms of avarice,

A world awaits a noetic man whose wisdom gleams in eyes.

No fugacious yearnings had made him erratic in this mortal race,

He still hath faith in the subtle forms beneath the earthen face.

Tis the world of destiny where sublime castles of dreams;

Wait in patience for the enlightened soul to carry his divine gleams.

Where no language builds up walls to secernate all mankind,

But a voice shall hold the throne with just one soul and mind.

The hands that created the worlds of yore and is still creating lives;

Is the soul of the changing world that holds empyreal vibes.

The magic in each substance here; the minerals buried inside,

Shall be unveiled with unfurling time with the choices of the guide.

Till the day when the beaming sun shall smile as a golden mate,

The world so lucid to human eyes shall unveil the concealed fate.

It shall reveal the astral plains; where age has no roles to play,

And the language of eternity shall evolve out of the clay.

Writer & Poet: Dipanjan Bhattacharjee

Dipanjan Bhattacharjee is an Engineer by Profession and a poet by passion. He has completed his B. Tech in 2016 in Instrumentation Engineering and is an alumnus of SRM University. Born and groomed up in Dhanbad, the coal capital of India, he loves writing, reading novels, music, long drives and nature photography. He has authored more than a thousand poems in English, Bengali and Hindi Languages. He is also into short stories and thrillers. He has co-authored with several publication houses as well. He is a simple natured person who loves to interact with new people, travel to new destinations and explore new arenas of life.

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