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Mother- The Quintessential, Underrated Fashion Designer by Amrita Lahiri Bhattacharya

From classic tailored ones to sexy draped silhouette. She gave more attention to detailing. Stylish overtures and a lot of embroidery.

Draping the comfy piece of cloth, I owned the world. A touch of melodrama, flaunting the woven handcrafted dress material. Masquerading my imperfections. The unrelenting sewing machine weaved magic. By her deft fingers running over the metallic knobs. The machinery bolts making a screeching sound by friction.

The innovative designs. How she stitched those remnants into a high-end products. Collaborating and creating a fashionable statement. There were no online reviews and recommendations. Life was much simpler then. The unpunctuated rhythm of fingers and clothes. Gave an ethereal showcase of talent uncaptured. It was the time when we wore confidence on our sleeve. With swag and dash of glitter dust rubbing shoulders.

Subtle colors, amalgamation of block printing. With layering or fringes around the end. The 'tick-tick' melody. Pierced the sultry summer afternoon.

Be it dramatic fringes. Block prints engraved on the umbrella skirts. Different hues mixed together. Ruffles or puffy sleeves. Floral prints or retro styles.

She knew it all, with a basket of imaginative thoughts. Turning my dreamy outfit into reality. The needle complied to her commands. Gave complete justice to her relentless efforts and hard work. The threads, the needle. Each part of the equipment had a story to tell. As I run my fingers over the dust laden sewing machine. Portraying a forlorn look. Missing it's proud owner to the hilt.

I blew the dust. Removed the cobwebs with my bare hands. Smelled the damp sun deprived fragrance that lingered around. I decided to swing back the pendulum. Resurrected her prized possession. Gave its owner due credit. They call me 'fashion designer', transforming, amplifying the style quotient. Switching to contemporary, evergreen trend of 'thread and needle'. My new abode...

Amrita is a working woman as well as a mother to a toddler.

She has a penchant for writing since she was a teenager.

She squeezes in time between work and her kid.

She pens her thoughts into words and loves to read.

With a little encouragement and support.

She wants to soar high in the privileged company of cohort.

The above poem by her has been chosen for the honour of Editor's Pick Badge Award for the #poetryprompt #sewingmachinetales organized by Chrysanthemum Chronicles in the year 2020 on their Facebook Group Page.

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