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Mrs. Aggarwal - A Tailor Made Bedtime Story By Deepti Sharma

Like the testimony of the river 

that flowed under her skin

She persisted relentlessly, 

like her weathered sewing machine

A nondescript brown woman

Refusing to cease 

like a dried marigold.

She savored my memory

with silk yarns and iron resolve.

With a dab of kumkum 

on creases of her 

sunburned forehead;

On a sweaty afternoon

she appeared in the neighborhood alone

A battered suit case in tow

many a bruised violated nights too

few vapour rife days

some wafer thin 

gas lighted dreams in blue

her needle and thread unfrayed,

She had some open seams in her bosom,

But had a roaring resilient heart,

From late mornings to later evenings

her gnawing sewing machine snarled.

Embroidering her much abused self worth,

She stitched velvety blouses

and mulmul shirts

Her deft fingers on sewing wheel 

hemmed her broken spine and gut 

Through her tangled yarns she spun stories relentlessly

Baroness of our manicured childhood

She claimed our Snow white and Cinderella quintessentially.

Poet & Writer: Deepti Sharma

Deepti Sharma is a management post graduate and a former entrepreneur. Currently working as an Associate Editor of women's magazine ' Pinkishe'. A blogger, a poet and a mini fiction writer, her work has been published in many e journals and online magazines. She has won many poetry and fiction writing contests. A published poet, with couple of anthologies  named 'Emotionally yours' and 'Towers of Inspiration', she is a mother of three children who resides in Punjab.

The above poem written by her has won her second place in the #poetryprompt #sewingmachinetales organized by Chrysanthemum Chronicles in their Facebook Group Page in the year 2020.

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