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My Eternal Mate! by Indrani Chatterjee

Ma! The pulsation of your muses churns within

When the snappy waft of gale carries the smell of jasmine.

I can denote your shadow though people name it as phantom of my eyes

But I can trace your daintiness, enmeshed in florid memories I survive.

Even in subconsciousness my intense longings keep touching your presence,

When radiant motifs of your sari sways with breeze in cadence.

The mushy threads looming the gossamer of affection,

You try to efface the dolor in my eyes sunk in desolation.

In the diminishing rays of the sun when my languid body droops,

I seek for the fervour of your cozy lap that entwines my eyes in dreamy loops.

The suavity of your ambrosial tone keeps undulating in known and unknown melody,

The festoon of your caressing love swathes me in amaranthine euphony.

I souse in the autumnal memories of my infancy

And every invaluable trice with you is like limpid wispy clouds that adrifts in harmony.

At the omega of every lightyear my unblinking eyes keep staring in incertitude,

Fretting sight adheres to the starry alley where you reside in quietude.

Ma! I yearn to learn, when sitting in frozen corner and reckoning countless hours,

I watch you dispersing in incessant haze, that leads to your mystical bower.

Have you too estimated the myriad tears my eyes have shed,

moistening the sequestered hours and my sleepless bed.

Let at the terminal of every dark tunnel, there be the halo of your convivial presence,

Emitting the vibrations of hope to enrobe with positive essence.

Ma! You can never be alleviated for I am your shadow-mate,

I shall keep dangling with your surreal steps till eternity, who you can never isolate.

Writer & Poet : Indrani Chatterjee

Indrani Chatterjee is a perfective homemaker and mother to her only autistic child. Even from the barred layer of felicity, her emotions occasionally well up to inundate the white in blue. Nothing is ceremonial in her revelation and approach, purely self-motivated. She only wishes her readers to glide along with the rhythmic undulations of her penmanship.

She is also an ardent music lover specializing in Rabindra Sangeet (songs composed by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore). Currently, she is pursuing Senior Diploma in the same. She is also pursuing Karaoke singing and performs on social media platforms. Her son also shares the same love for music. It shapes

the bonding between them.

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