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O Woman! You Are Whole by Kokila Gupta

Image Source: Pinterest

Created from mud from desolate landscapes

Residing in apathetic mind scapes

Granted are her accomplishments

Revered in benevolent mien- abhay mudra

Target of sarcasm for foibles humane

For licking a tamarind, giggling with a meandering brook

For pale lilies blooming full

Roses resting at her nape

Tangled in her lustrous dark mane,

She the vile enchantress,

Cursed for all things ill fated

She, who is perpetually in love with love

Swaying, flowing in its rippling lyrical waves

Under crescent moon lone,

A cascade of stars

Intoxicated on vinous mogra fragrance

Nourishing harbouring all,

Embracing weaknesses

Encompassing failures and joys

Called deity,

The lady of the house

Till desires aspirations are locked safe in her heart

The never ending work,

Praised and forgotten

Adored till her gypsy soul is in handcuffs of morality

Her tambourine rusty silent

In weaving simple dreams of a complex life

The only song left in her is dirge

An elegy for opal moon

Pinned lonely in the night sky

For night flowers shedding tears of silver


she is feared as blood spitting Chandika

Installed on exalted plinth,

Caged in temples


Beguiled in swirling smoke of scented incense

In pristine flowers offered at her feet,

Heads bowed hiding cunning smiles

But daughters unfurl courage in a Mother!

Her little girl's tiny anklets gave wings to wishes,

The toothless grins voiced unsung unsaid thoughts

The Durgas, Lakshmis, Seetas step down from pedestal

Of sacrifice, benevolence and piety

They fly, flow and soar up in the skies

Exploring endless possibilities of imagination infinite

Her virtues no more a shackle,

World on her finger tip, challenges in stride

Realizing herself

Around her the cosmos revolve

She is the nurturer, the bearer and the soul

Mothering the world with love and compassion

Every single woman is whole

Writer & Poet: Kokila Gupta

Born in a literary environment of AatmvatSarvBhuteshu, with poems as lullabies; philosophy as bed time stories, Kokila Gupta was brought up amid mountains and valleys nurturing a deep love for nature and simplicity. She chose Immuno-Parasitology as her studies and later resigned from a Government job to pursue her other interests. Her prose, poetry, musings or Haiku, all express a natural affinity for life in mundane spontaneity. She is a lecturer by profession, traveler by passion and a writer by choice. She has been chosen as the #WomanPoet for the month of March by Chrysanthemum Chronicles.

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