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Review of 'An Unexpected Detour' Authored by Pallabi Ghosal

'An Unexpected Detour, by Author Pallabi is a book with a gripping story and a total page-turner'. 

The book is the story of a young couple, Tanmay and Radhika who plan a trip to a secluded island for their honeymoon but end up in a worse situation than they could have ever thought. They are held captive by a sinister force who wrecks all hell loose on them. With each passing day they are losing hope, their strength as time is ticking by. 

Each moment they pass with the hope that they will make it out alive, but hope is the only thing that seems to be going far away from them now. Their honeymoon turns into a worst nightmare, as they feel what a big mistake, they had made ignoring the signs they were getting, that something dark and sinister was lurking around them. 

What happens next? Will they be able to get out alive from this death trap? Who is it that has planned such a hideous and evil catastrophe upon them? How will the other characters in the story work as a team to find out the whereabouts of the young couple? All these questions can be solved only when you read ‘An Unexpected Detour’ by Pallabi Ghosal.

The writing style of the author is crisp and fast-paced, it is more like a small novella that has strong characters, good storytelling, and a complete page-turner, I would say. The story is somewhat written in an innovative way that makes it more inviting and the book can work well as young adult fiction.

Chrysanthemum Chronicles’ Verdict: The book has all the elements of being a perfect psychological crime thriller, it moves fast without any part where you find it boring or slow. Every bit of each character’s mindset, their agony, the trauma the young couple are facing, all the details of those human emotions have been well portrayed from the eyes of the author. It seems she is going to write even better thriller books in the future, my only suggestion, a bit of discretion, would even enhance the storytelling more. I would surely recommend this book to all the psychological thriller lovers out there, it could be an engaging read for them. 

Author & Writer: Pallabi Ghosal

In the realm between imagination and reality, Pallabi breathes life into worlds unseen. She finds solace in weaving narratives that linger in the recesses of the mind. Her stories invite readers to traverse the landscapes of the extraordinary.

Author Pallabi finds joy in crafting narratives that resonate with the heartbeat of the human experiences. She brings a unique perspective to her writing—a perspective, that explores the uncharted periphery of the human soul.

Born in Kolkata, Pallabi Ghoshal discovered the bliss of storytelling at the young age of 12. Her guiding force has been her fascination for words, verses, and stories.

Her published works include her solo book, THE QUEST OF VERMILLION; and 16 other published anthologies. Pallabi is the co-author of the published anthologies REMINISCING HERSTORIES, SAVAGE SOCIETY, RAISE YOUR VIBES, TOAST TO A GENTLEMAN, ESCAPE THE ORDINARY, BOUQUET OF WILDFLOWERS, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, LIFE HAPPENS IN THE GREY, and several others that mark her literary endeavors. Recently, she has published a poetry

anthology, named MY LIFE IN POEMS, in collaboration with Author Siddharth Sen.

Apart from her books, she also writes thought-provoking, insightful articles on her blogs across WordPress, Medium, Substack, Blogger, and StoryMirror.

Review by Monalisa Joshi

Founder & Director

Chrysanthemum Chronicles: A Contemporary Publishing House

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