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Review of 'FOOTPRINTS' A Collection of Poetry Authored by Nisha Tandon

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

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‘The most candid book, where the protagonist has shared her heart and story’.

Foot Prints is a collection of poetry and this book has been written in the most truthful way by the poet. All the poems are a reflection of a woman’s true journey into various stages of life, from where she has carved her way and has turned herself into a woman with meaningful existence, turning her life into a happy space. This is the most subtle yet inspiring essence of the book if I had to say in few words. Yet there are poems that need some drowning of the soul, thus I will share my overview about the contents of the book.

A broken wish

A solitary tear

An unfulfilled promise

An unspoken fear

This stanza from the first poem in the book ‘A Hidden Rainbow’ holds the entire soul of the book, and the story of the protagonist who being a woman has had her share of obstacles in life, where she does silent prayers to find her the strength to cope those and to find that hidden rainbow in her life. This poem for me reflects the story of myriad women out there whose voices are hushed and they still keep on finding that light, that rainbow to feel some hope. Written in small stanzas with fewer words this poem will resonate in many sense with many I feel.

Perched in a quiet corner

Away from the hustle bustle around

She weaves her dreams bit by bit

With hay and feather homeward she is bound

This stanza from the second poem of the book ‘A Little Nest’, again speak volume of emotions and of clandestine dreams of weaving them into a safe nest away from the mayhem where her soul seeks to find refuge, and how she knows that even after so much storm that she has braved, in the end her offspring would fly away but the little nest will hold the memories and it will stay. A meaningful poem that has layers of emotions of both a mother’s heart and a woman’s.

Another poem that would resonate with myriad women out there who are frenziedly performing all the errands towards their families, taking care of them, never complaining of their lives and ready to face each day with new vigor. ‘A Mom’s Day Never Ends’ is one such poem that is the most familiar styled poem yet true in its core. On the whole, there are many such poems that would resonate much with women as they all express the entire journey of womanhood, from being a wife, a mother, a lover, her heart breaks, her pangs, her falling and rising both, her lament, her free spirit, her fears, her incessant waits for her beloved, her unconditional love towards her family particularly her children, her insecurities but above all her strength, her ability to endure and rise as a new woman who stood tall to tell her tale to the world.

Though all categories and genre of poems intrigue me, but being a romance genre writer I am quite easily inclined towards the poems that express the same feeling in any way either through lament, bliss or melancholy, I am able to see the poet’s soul and the stories behind each verse. There are many such poems in the book that gives the same feeling, the expression of love, the pain in it felt by the protagonist which have great deeper meaning and would effortlessly settle within you.

Then you find poems by the poet which shows the strength and love both, for her offspring. ‘Eyes That Mesmerize’ and ‘The Immortal Goddess’ are the poems one must read and will be able to feel as well understand a mother’s eye only sees the entire universe within their children. Some poems expresses the analogy of nature, somewhere we see the free spirited poet herself, this book can be said to be an amalgamation of various themes and moods, feelings and desires, emotions and expression of a woman’s journey within the mundane world with a poetic soul.

Chrysanthemum Chronicles' Verdict: ‘FOOT PRINTS’ by Nisha Tandon is a book that anyone can and must read. The language is uncomplicated, flowing with vivid narration, and all the poems are straight from the heart. I would like to rate this book with a 4 star rating over 5 and recommend it as a good and relaxed kind of poetry book to read for all kind of readers. And the best part is that you get to see a glimpse of the poet’s world through the images poured within the book.

Author & Poet: Nisha Tandon

Nisha Tandon, a bilingual poetess has marked her name in poetry with her soulful poetry. An entrepreneur by profession, Nisha Tandon has used her life experience in a well-articulated and rhythmic tone in her poetries. Starting her poetic journey with her first collection, Footprints; she has come a long way in her credentials as a poetess. She has successfully published her second book  ,"Chand Ehsaas" this time in Hindi. Currently residing in Dubai, she has been an individual with various attributes. Apart from holding a reputed position in an HR & Training Consulting Firm, she has worked in hotels, educational institutions and corporate entities.

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