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Silence has a Sound by Mitra Samal

Silence has a sound when in the crowd

there is cheering, laughter and fun

but in my heart, there is a hollow

deep and profound

When murmurs fill the room but

silence beguiles the mind.

When you are so close to yourself but

too far from divine

Silence has a sound when you ascend

the peak of the mountain

Mountain of your dreams that

demands great fortitude but

you are alone in the journey and

have no one to confide

Silence has a sound when you enjoy a

lazy evening watching the sunset,

listening to the wind and let go

everything that burdens your mind

Silence has a sound when in the

whispering woods, you

hear a song that follows you all along

A song that you have never sung but

heard in a trance

The sound of silence comes from deep

within the walls of my heart and

reaches my bare soul

For it is the same in a rabble of noisy

people and same in soliloquies

Writer & Poet: Mitra Samal

Mitra is a poet and a software professional with a passion for both technology and literature. She has written a poetry book, ‘Beginning’ and participates in poetry open mics. Her works have been published in various online and print media. She is also an avid reader and a Toastmaster who loves to speak her heart out.

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