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Submission is Now Open for Volume 2, Issue 5! Part of Summer Reading Period.

Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials.

-Meryl Streep

‘MOTHER’, the most precious emotion, the most precious word, the most precious feeling on earth. Defining it or writing for it will always call for many more pages of varied books, but we would love to capture the little essence of it through your works and through our Journal dedicated to this wonderful emotion. Thus, to celebrate Mother’s Day and keep those emotions lingering for long we have decided to do the Monsoon Issue on this theme. This will be Volume 2, Issue 5 of our In-House Journals. The simple guidelines are given below for you to follow, send us your work filled with your most candid thoughts to

1. Only one short story or poem per household.

2. For a short story you can write it within 1500-2000 words.

3. Poems can of be any length, and style.

4. For articles, memoirs or autobiographies 1000 -1500 words should be the limit.

5. Send in your submissions with Mother’s Day in the subject line.

6. The last date to submit is 10th June 2022 till midnight IST.

7. The selected writers/poets will have to purchase their own copy by booking it in advance.

Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day 2022, with us by helping us bring out another of our stylised Issues.

Happy Writing!

Editorial Board

Chrysanthemum Chronicles

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