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Submissions Are Now Open For #AudioBookProject2 'The Bride Who Didn't Cry'

What is the first thing that comes into mind when you look at a new Bride? A beautiful, delicate woman stepping towards a new life and blessed are those who are going to take her home. She will nurture their lives; build a house into a warm home. But what if everything you see is not always the truth. First sign of her is that she didn’t cry! And laughing were the ones who were giving her away. And after she stepped into the home things took the ugliest turn. Yes! Now it’s your turn to churn a story that can have the elements of thriller, horror, dark romance, gothic, folklores, urban legend or anything that will make our judges skip their heart beats while listening to your stories. Don’t worry you would be getting ample time to first weave the words and then send in your audio recordings.

Some of the guidelines for you to follow for sending in your submissions:

· Only one story per household will be entertained. The word limit for the story should be not more than 3000 words. Can be less but not below 1500 words.

· Use any backdrop classic, modern, contemporary, rural or anything beyond these will be welcomed too.

· After writing your story, record it and then send it to

· Full story is not required; only send a short synopsis in a doc/docx. file along with your audio file in submissions.

· Send in your clear image and a Bio in third person and write ‘Audio Story Submission’ in the subject line.

· In the end of the mail do make a Declaration, stating that the story is your original piece and if you are using any quote or phrase from some other literary work, kindly mention the source and give due credits in your audio recordings as well.

· The last date of submission is 28th February 2021 till midnight.

There will be three top winners, and ten participants will make it to the Short List. All the selected stories will be then transformed into an #Audiobook Project through Chrysanthemum Chronicles Podcast Channel and it will be available through iTunes, Spotify and some other broadcasting channels.

*Winners Get*

First Winner: INR. 1000 + E-Certificate

Second Winner: INR. 500 + E- Certificate

Third Winner: Amazon Voucher worth Rs. 500 + E- Certificate.

The short listed ten participants will get their audio stories being published through the #podcast channel and Appreciation E-Certificates.

Some important points to take note of

· Make sure your audio recording is audible enough with no background sound, noise and music.

· No obscene literature or extreme violence.

· The theme, ‘The Bride Who Didn’t Cry’ needs to be incorporated within the story (not literally though)

· Do not use the theme as the Title of your story.

There is a submission fee of INR. 100, kindly use the link below to complete your payment.

For any queries regarding the virtual contest or for any questions shoot a mail to

Meet Our Judges:

Sunil Bhandari: Author, Poet & Podcaster

Sunil Bhandari is a poet by compulsion. He says he survives in this world because he can get to write poetry. He says he does all this for his soul; for his body he manages finance of a large conglomerate.

He has written the Amazon bestseller book of poetry "of love and other abandonments ". His latest book is "Of Journeys & Other Ways To Get Lost".

His poetry has appeared in several poetry compilations, some of them being Cologne of Heritage; Discarded; The DLF Anthology of Poems; Poerty; Plethora Blogazine; Verse of Silence; Hibiscus; Freedom Raga 2020; Jallianwala Bagh: Poetic Tributes; A Letter, A Poem, A Home: the Airplane Poetry Movement Collection, etc.

He is a popular poet in the Calcutta circle of poets, and has been an invited poet in Apeejay Kolkata Lit Fest, Delhi Poetry Festival and Valley of Words Fest in Dehra Dun. His poetry has been recited by several luminaries, the most successful collaboration being with Sharmila Tagore in a wildly successful YouTube video (

His poetry podcast "Uncut Poetry", is already a hit, and heard in almost 40 countries! It can be accessed at

Shweta Singh: Writer, Poet & Podcaster

Shweta is a podcaster with a difference. She writes beautiful short stories and poems too. Her work has been published in more than ten anthologies and has been appreciated by her peers. She has won numerous awards for both her stories and poems. Shweta has her own website, her basket of happiness as she likes to call it. Her podcast shwetasbasket is available on six different international podcast platforms. Right from the start when she warmly welcomes her audience, to her relaxed mannerism, voice modulation and her sharing her thoughts about the stories and poem, makes her connect with her audience. It is this intimacy that she creates with her listener is what makes them come back to her podcast again and again.

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