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Submissions Open Now for the Lord Krishna Anthology...

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Murlidhar, Bansuriwaala, Mohana and so many other names of Krishna but Radha remains that one name, one soul entity who was deeply in love with her Shyam. I love the name Shyam too; it brings that cerulean image of his into my mind and I deeply adore that avatar of his. How pure and divine Radha’s love was for her Krishna that despite being never married to him, she was the one whom he thought of his every living second as a mortal on this earth. But after becoming the King of Mathura he could never meet his beloved Radha and their divine love became a sacrament of divinity and purity but a symbol of sacrifice too. They were one soul, one body and hence Radha could never forget her Mohana.

But how did she live without him till the end of her life? She wrote myriad epistles which never reached Krishna, in those she expressed her clandestine love for her revered god. She was his pure devotee and Krishna fell in love with her but couldn’t meet her due to his role as a King and many other responsibilities, so Radha’s love remained locked into those unread and unaddressed parchments. To keep herself sane she wrote the answers too to each letter by taking the role of Krishna, as the world believed and still does that they were/are one soul and two bodies. Let’s evoke their divine love saga through letters of love written by Radha expressing the qualms, the pain, the lament of hers and his which remained unaddressed to and unread by her Shyama. Thus, Chrysanthemum Chronicles will bring out these divine letters in their own style and touch and make thot pure love of Radha and Shyama reach out to many ardent devotees out there.

Some of the few rules to writing these prose/poetry epistles:

1. One Poem/Prose body in the form of epistles from each household.

2. Poems can be of any length, style, and form but they must sound and look like letters.

3. One suggestion, try using more anomalies of Krishna instead of using the name more directly, as we feel it will bring more volume and layers to your writing pieces.

4. The last date to submit your piece is 10th May 2023 till midnight IST.

5. Send in your writing pieces with Krishna Anthology Submission in the Subject line and send it along with your Brief Bio in third person, your HD quality image in one doc. or docx. File.

6. The selected Authors will have to make a payment of INR.1800 against which each author will receive seven copies of the Anthology and one certificate of Publication. (The Payment will be collected once the Book is ready to hit the Press)

7. This Anthology will be designed in a Vintage Paperback Style capturing the essence of old parchments and letters with illustrations.

9. Send your submissions to

Happy Submissions!

Founder & Director

Monalisa Joshi

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