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Submit for our New Poetry Book Project 'Monochrome Verses'

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

True, isn’t it? Poetry is that sudden urge to emit those emotions welling up inside you, that needs a gush of words to give them a life outside of your soul. Come let’s celebrate these emotions together as they say, that poets have their world of own which they tend to walk upon consciously and seldom unknowingly to bring about beauty in the world through their words.

Since many are celebrating this whole month of April as the National Poetry Month, we too have curated something interesting for you, but in our own unique way and style. And we have decided to title this project as ‘Monochrome Verses’, as all the pages of this book will portray the same, a monochromatic world of poetry that will speak volume. The best part of this venture is that you needn’t write one poem each day; rather three of your poems would be enough. Before starting weaving your verses, kindly go through some simple guidelines and then start sending your submissions to


1. Three poems per household only. Each poem can be up to 50-60 lines.

2. Any poetic form is allowed, which means you can send us a classic, contemporary, modern, archaic, post-modern or any other form that you can think of.

3. Theme remains open which means you can choose any topic or element that you wish to portray through your poems. You can put them in one genre or you can choose different sub-genres for three of your poems as well.

4. Along with your three poems, kindly send us a short Bio in not more than 50-100 words and a clear HD image of yours in the same mail with ‘Monochrome Verses Submission’ in the Subject line.

5. The last date to submit your poems is 30th April till midnight 2022.

6. The selected poets will have to purchase their own copy.

7. The book will be designed in B/W format with glossy pages and Hardbound Cover.

8. Each selected writer will be given a certificate of publication for being published under our banner.

Wishing you all the very best.

Looking forward to some brilliant poetry and eclectic pieces.

Happy Submission!

Editorial Board

Chrysanthemum Chronicles: A Contemporary Publishing House

You can also watch this video from our YouTube Channel to get a better idea.

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