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Submit for the Upcoming New Poetry Anthology 'The Aniconic Cosmic Dancer'

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Image Source: Pinterest

Eyes closed long in meditation, body covered in dust,

The dead land has become futile, with every Om!

That he spells out from his mouth, for centuries,

That have passed, his tresses grown long and tangled!

Covering the earth, snakes rolling on his bare body,

A sight all the eidolons fear, yet they will to be near,

The whole universe where he resides, it once was peaceful,

His eyes ever closed in trance, still aware to the world around,

And the day came; his ears heard noises loud and louder,

His cosmic Om! Was getting clashed, with those noises,

With greater annoyance his eyes opened, its light,

Unbearable for the eidolons, they fell down even miles away,

His cosmic figurine ever present, took a stand, he gazed around,

Full of rage, his breath flowing faster from his strong chest,

He saw that his creation had become slime like,

He saw his beloved creation man and woman on earth,

His most treasured creation, both were getting eaten,

Alive by the vultures, flying everywhere to devour,

He saw the beautiful fountains flowing in red,

The earth and fields were growing grave armaments,

Children eating flesh; mother’s breast had long dried,

Blood was the new milk, flowing from the earth’s bosom,

The Aniconic cosmic dancer has started his dance,

Amid the five elements of life, his dance filled of rage,

His pellet drum has started beating on his Tandava,

Deeply hurt and saddened, his heart is crying but,

His anger has taken over all emotions, the earth,

Water, air and fire are clogged within a time span

And there seems no end to Natraja’s tandava now,

Harmony, peace once flowing on earth’s chest,

Are tied in the long locks of his might,

The creator is reversing its creation, the vicious cycle,

For him being the supreme didn’t see, the fallout,

And now this earth shakes with his footsteps,

The destiny of them is in his hands,

The cosmic dancer now awake has become Rudra the Divine...

*Monalisa Joshi*

This time we have thought of giving you a prompting poem to inspire you all and to evoke the deeper emotions of yours towards the one and the all, the omnipresent, ‘The Shiva’. He is known by many names, Rudra, Mahadeva, Adhideva, Shankara, and what you see him as is what your poem should be framed like and how you will evoke the greatest being through your poetry.

The greatest lovers of all time, the destroyer of the evil, the creator, the ubiquitous entity, the humming sound or a cosmic energy in the universe or the dancer of Tandava to create a balance. Do you fear his wrath, or you find him the most guiltless one? Explore any of his avatars and write down a poem that will lead the readers to ‘The Aniconic Cosmic Dancer’.

Some of the guidelines for you to follow:

1. Only one poem per household.

2. Any length of poem is welcome.

3. The direct name ‘Shiva’ should not be used anywhere in your poem. You have to make it more complex by using other names of the ‘Lord’ and elaborate through your poem.

4. You can choose to explore and do sound research before attempting on the avatar you are going to write about, or you can use the transformations of his various avatars in one poem itself.

5. You can retell, recreate any of his avatar’s tales into your own way of storytelling, but the facts must remain truthful if you are using any mythological or religious references.

6. You can also use the varied feminine forms around him exploring or carving out a tale of their liaison as a man and a woman.

7. You can also create an imaginative expression of exploring the various realms of his presence.

8. Send in your poem, along with your latest Bio in 100-150 words maximum, to and cc it to with ‘Poetry Anthology Submission’ in the Subject line.

9. Don’t use the typical way of storytelling that you have heard from ages; rather use those to create some magic. Refrain from using too much direct references, juxtapose them, and reverse them with profound symbolism, imagery and metaphors. Perhaps the above prompting poem could be of some help.

10. The last date to submit is 5th October 2021.

11. Any style from contemporary, to free verse, to stanzas or even the archaic way of writing will be accepted.

12. You must send a 'Declaration' in the same mail, of mentioning that the poem is your original unpublished piece and you have not indulge yourself in any form of plagiarism.

This is going to be our first Anthology dedicated to the ‘Omnipresent’, be wary of creating pieces only that will touch the hearts of the readers and evoke the energy of the universe within them, without hurting anyone’s religious sentiments.

Looking forward to reading some of the brilliant and divine compositions!


Monalisa Joshi

Director, Founder & Chief Editor

Chrysanthemum Chronicles


Preeti S. Manaktala

Poetry Editor

Chrysanthemum Chronicles

P.S. The entries will be read by the Senior Editors of the Editorial Board and the names of the selected writers will be made out in the mid of November. All the selected writers will have to purchase their own Author's Copy, when the book comes out in print.


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