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Sylvia: A Poet's Last Night by Deepak K Choudhary

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Shut inside her room,

She kept writing

Till late that evening,

Slipping into the cold, misty

Depths of a dark night

Friends called her,

Visitors waited and waited

Eagerly outside her room,

Kids came knocking

On the door,

But she chose

Not to meet anyone

One by one, all voices

Melted away,

As she sat down

Musing over life, engagements,

Hollowness of relationships,

Hollowness of everything

Sitting and musing,

She looked at the chair

That had carried her weight

For so long,

She looked at the lines

She had written,

She looked at the keyboard

And the computer screen

Showing them,

She turned back and saw

Her shadow falling on the window

Right behind her

She smiled at them,

They smiled back at her,

And she wondered how

She had missed a company

That would demand nothing in lieu of

Keeping her happy

She paused for a while

And then, started writing again

Because she was afraid

She might not get

Another night with so much

To make the world

Look so real to her

Author & Poet: Deepak K Choudhary

Deepak Choudhary is a polyglot poet, editor and translator based in Delhi. A post-graduate from JNU, Delhi, he has been writing in English, Hindi and his mother tongue Maithili for over a decade. His poems have been published in many national as well as international journals and magazines including The South Asian Ensemble, Ploughshares, Indian Literature and Indian Africanist. His solo collection of poems titled “Birds Like Us” was published in July 2018. “ He is also the In-House Editor for Chrysanthemum Chronicles.

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