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The Epitaph by Ananya Mukherjee

One day when the war is over, I will forget the face of my enemy The wound will stop bleeding And only a scar will remain.

One day when my tears dry up I will begin to see the world again The spears ripping my heart will pause And only stories of my courage shall prevail.

On that epitaph of mine, on what shall remain of me, I hope you will find a monastery of empathy, valour, honour, love and pride.

Author & Poet: Ananya Mukherjee

Ananya Mukherjee is a former business journalist and the ex-editor of HRM Asia, a leading business title in the Asia-Pacific region. She is an acclaimed writer with more than 1000 publications to her credit. Before moving to Singapore, she had amassed years of experience in Indian print and television media. Her journalistic acumen covers a whole gamut of subjects, including politics, lifestyle and business.

Ardh-Satya & Other Stories, Ananya’s first book, is a collection of twenty short stories and was published in 2016. It has received raving reviews from Indian and international media. Ardh-Satya, an adaptation from the title story was staged at Dastak, a Hindi Theatre Festival in Singapore and subsequently at the prestigious Kala Ghoda festival in Mumbai, India.

Her second book, An Unborn Desire, published by Rupa Publications is due for release soon.

Ananya also writes poetry in Hindi. Six of her poems were recently published in a literary magazine, Nazariya, in India. In addition, Ananya writes scripts in Bengali for audio plays. Her recent work, Madhumashe and Ontoreen have been staged by stalwarts of the entertainment industry in Kolkata. She has also lately acted in a very popular short film, Ilish, released in 2021.

A theatre artiste, avid traveller, trained dancer and show anchor, she is a known figure in the cultural and literary circles in Singapore and India.

Ananya is a university topper and holds a masters degree in mass communication. She is also a Gartner certified Black Belt Communications Leader. She wears a senior corporate leadership hat and leads global communications in Asia and Europe for a US-based multinational company.

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