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The Gifted Sins of Heaven by Lakshmi Ajoy

Descending from The Heavens— upon my sentient form,

Marking my niche that sets me apart,

I sometimes wonder if these are sins, grave and cardinal...

Is it a sin, my very first one,

To offer a helping hand to those in need,

To reach out to them and anoint their aching souls, 

While leading the angst out of miseries deep!

I then begin to wonder, about those beautiful sin of smiles,

The subsequent following the helping hand,

Where many a frown seems cured,

An emotion so infectious,

That it spreads wide and far,

Bridging the gaps and connecting tender threads,

Deep into the abyss of the innocent spirits,

To heal and restore broken hearts,

Sometimes uplifting moods and transforming lives!

That's when I contemplate upon my sin,

The triennial in my extensive list of seven,

When all I do is speak words of care,

To nurture and protect all that I can,

Preserving, conserving and safe-guarding,

The esteemed self-worth of every living being,

From the sapiens, passerines, ocean life,

To all of the flora and fauna,

Sometimes even to inanimate creations of Nature,

From the boulders, summits and elixirs,

To the skies, stars, planets and beyond.

Truly a sin of the Divine Heavens,

The quadrigeminal emerging on my perennial inventory,

To empathise with the ever growing agony,

To soothe upon aching pangs,

While offering a remarkable turnover,

Letting people know that pain is curable,

Offering hope while truly being there,

As the lending shoulder for those who wish to lean on,

As they simply cry...

The quinary note on my roll of sins,

Calls out for the times,

When my own tears are shed,

When I experience intense emotions,

Those that words can never express,

Those that talks can never contain,

Beyond what I can write, say or feel,

When they have to flow ceaselessly,

To compose my life and...

Not let it stray away.

That's when I waken my senses,

To the hexadic count on the list,

Of my elemental sins of the Heavens,

When all I discern is supreme silence,

A language that speaks beyond words,

To the sense of liberation through calmness,

The quietude in the cacophonic encompassing,

That hushes me to take a peek within,

While I gather awareness,

Of the self through consciousness.

That's when the final sin from the Heavens,

The septennial in the count of the countless,

Rises it's hood to take charge,

The sin to Love, love unconditionally...

To cherish, explore and experience,

The blissful fulfillment of the body, mind and Soul,

An experience that completes my being,

To feed in energy,

To fulfil the purpose of my very existence.

Love as a sin,

Is the utmost alluring,

And the most bewitching wonders,

That explodes my Divinity,

Into the tiniest sparkles of pristine purity,

As a golden light that unfurls,

Encompassing the magnificence of the Cosmos,

Connecting the Earth towards profundity and sagacity.

Together I pledge to harbour,

The essential sparks of the accumulated sins,

As I gather to save them,

To succour my purpose towards the 'Ultimate Wisdom of


Author & Poet: Lakshmi Ajoy

Lakshmi Ajoy is an author, entrepreneur, life coach, NLP Expert and a holistic spiritual healer residing in Mumbai with her two super creative daughters and merchant navy husband. She considers herself a student

for life and believes in the policy that what is learnt is only a fistful and what is yet to be learnt is as wide as the deep and far-fetched oceans. She has a keen eye for detail and spends her free time creating meditative mandala arts forms and gardening. She enjoys travelling with family and solo too. She indulges in exploring the in lands of the country and considers herself truly Indian at heart. She is also an extensive reader and enjoys reading works on science fictions and mysteries. Her most favourite poet is the 13th century Persian poet Rumi. She is a nature lover and most of her written works revolves around the environment, the planet, the Universe and the Cosmos. Her words arise directly from the heart and are a written expression of her Soul. She believes that there is beauty in every creation and her written works are a soulful expression of her beautiful life experiences. Her works have been published in several national and International anthologies.

However, her dream to publish her own book comes true with her debut non fiction self help release titled “Quantum Healing System”. Her life's simple policy is to never judge people and to live and let live. She is also a passionate singer, jewelry designer, counselor, yogini, kolam and rangoli artist, photographer and mountaineer. She is currently a spiritual healer practicing Reiki, Tarot readings, channeling, naturopathy cleansing, crystal dowsing and Angel card reading. She is also a compassionate and certified Past life regression and future life progression therapist having conducted over 350 plus successful sessions in the last four years. She has complete faith in her practices and her aim is bring happiness, joys and uplift people's lives. Her dream is to spread smiles and make this planet a happier and more peaceful place to be.

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