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The Goddess Within by Rohini Jayanti

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Woman - A goddess of the household, marriage and family Woman-the symbol of a nurturer and a caregiver Woman-she represents every married daughter of her parents Woman -every mother of her children Woman-her uniqueness lies in the mystical experience of motherhood and finally Woman-she encompasses the essence of salvation and sacrifice Are these words confined only to mythologies? Are these facts or just myths? In a society where women are conformed to exhibit forgiveness, compassion, and tolerance of others transgressions where women are deprived of many opportunities making them victims of deep-rooted discrimination a society where patriarchy has so successfully blinded its descendants subjugating the women around them a society where men prostrate before a goddess but see no contradiction in mistreating females in human form a place where her independence and assertiveness are considered as destruction and disruption to the community and family social structures while none of them are willing to make the changes required to break this unfair structure the goddess within her evolves and arises with fiery crest of energy pervading all the directions and blazing forth like a mountain peak aflame with the sun she comes back more powerful this time to reclaim her immanent divinity and self-worth with her magic and her endurance her body is bedecked in jewels and golden armor her feet are intricately adorned with bright red mahavar which symbolizes fertility and prosperity carrying the calmness and serenity on her face bearing a seemly auspicious demeanor with those mellifluous sound of her tinkling anklets she enters and abides in and dances wild on the prone and triumphantly slays the demons who threaten the stability of her existence she is an attribute less and an undifferentiated consciousness pulsating through the cosmos beyond thought and indivisible she is an embodiment of purity, knowledge, truth and self-realization she ruthlessly meets out vengeance to the unrighteous with her matchless energy that springs from the bodies of all the gods and leaves a trail of her footsteps

Writer, Poet & Storyteller: Rohini Jayanti

Rohini Jayanti is someone who loves experimenting anything she finds new and works hard towards achieving it. A Story teller and a budding writer who finds true happiness in writing short stories, articles and poems. The above poem by her has won her The Editor's Choice Category Award for the #poetryprompt #evokingthegoddess organized by Chrysanthemum Chronicles in their Facebook Group Page in the year 2020..

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