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The Nightingale and the Rose by Babita Kejriwal

Image Source: Pinterest

A lonely lover laments

For a bright red rose,

A nightingale flying above

Decides to melt his woes.

She flies over hill and vale

Searching high and low,

It was new knowledge for her -

Love relies on petty things so.

She pleads all the bushes

To part with but a single one,

But they were all helpless

As the winter frost had come.

At last she came across one -

A decision of life and death...

A red rose would be given

In lieu of the nightingale's breath.

She wondered if the price

Was too high to be paid,

But the compassion won --

And her mind was made.

The night heard her melody

While the thorn pricked her breast,

The rose started changing colour -

Now its petals were at their best.

Her life was ebbing fast,

Death was so very near,

While the heavens smiled on her,

Cupid did shed a tear !

Writer & Poet: Babita Kejriwal

Babita Kejriwal, is a writer, blogger and poet writing on many platforms. She has won many awards in various contests and her poems have been published in magazines and spiritual articles in Hindustan Times. The above poem by her is the featured poem for the online Journal of Chrysanthemum Chronicles.

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