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Two Poems by Lakshmi Venkatachalam

Image Source: Pinterest, Image Credit: To the Rightful Owner

Love Story of a Different Kind

In the first flush of love,

She is the moon to his earth, and he shines as hers,

Satellites in constant revolutions

Around each other in the galaxies of ether.

On the constellations of Mars and Venus,

Jupiter and Saturn,

They spin in tandem

On the trail of their yoked life.

In the autumn of their lives,

She circles in an orbit of her own,

He rotates on his own axis,

Each trailing elliptical courses around the sun.

What do we name

Their love story?

Heavenly fable or Indifferent tale?

Cosmic unity or Fate’s game?

A love story that fades,

As bespangled stars high,

Or whirled into gaping black holes

Of the Universe?

My Love For you

What do I call my love for you?

How do I spell the tinkling of anklets I hear,

As I dream of you sashaying by my side?

The sweet notes my heart hears,

As I try to focus on the words you utter!

Is my love a lustful passion

Or is it a cuddly feeling?

A lazy comfort where I can be myself with no pretence?

That golden moment when I can foresee your thought before you talk?

And reply with ready wit your wildest quiz?

Valentine day is lover’s Day

Flooded with roses of every hue.

My love for you would make every day a Valentine’s Day

For it continues to care for you

On all the days and not just a single day.

So not for me the special day of roses,

But every day, a rose for you and your sweet memories

And thus I carve my path of love for you.

Writer & Poet: Lakshmi Venkatachalam

Ms Lakshmi Venkatachalam is a poet, creative writer, and freelance

journalist. She has published an e-book of poems Of Hope and Faith & Other

poems by Blue Pencil Publishers which was well received by poetry lovers. Her

articles and stories have been published in several magazines and newspapers.

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