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When We Meet By Soumyashree Bhattacharya

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In the vibrance of pubescent spring, the hyacinth adorned season's king, amidst the petal lacquered meadows we meet, moistened with the tiny droplets of dew. Heavenly would be our rendezvous with myriad blossoms surrounding us, be speckled with purple and roseate hues. Magical would be that coy night, with trillion stars, all shining bright but in your brilliance beloved, all galaxies would subdue. And the cool spring gale, would circumscribe and regale with its ethereal fragrance, for us to inhale and imbue. My eyes would silently gaze, at your mesmeric grace and my heart would leap and prance, like a peacock's blithesome dance, on the onset of rains in the forlorn woodlands. And our minds would set for sail, to our precious love dale, for a blissful clandestine tryst, in our cherished dreamland...

Writer & Poet: Soumyashree Bhattacharya

Soumyashree Bhattacharya of Kolkata, India is an ex student of A.G. Church School and an M.A. in English Literature with a B.Ed degree. She started her career as an English teacher in a reputed school and has been teaching since last 15 years. She is also a prolific, passionate writer, whose pen is dipped in the ink of life's most ardent love, nature, spirituality and society, with the flavour of lucidity yet wizardry of words. She enchants and enthralls her readers in a spontaneous way, and reaches the core of their hearts through her poetry.

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