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Where Are You Now? By Preeti S Manaktala

In the whispers of the night

As I glance the sky

I feel you guiding me to the Orion and to the clusters above

“They hold a whole new world within” , you would say...

You changed lanes and disappeared

Leaving a void never be filled

Faded into an unknown space

You left leaving your fragrance felt

But , Where are you now ?

You were rare and unique

Not understood by many

Unwavering and resolute

Dewy eyed and loving

Leaving behind your wisdom your light

I pledge to let it shine and spread to many...

Wish I had more time to make memories with you

More tales to tell my little ones

More laughter and hugs with you

Wish I could learn some more from you...

Some More time to sit and listen to you

I wish we had more time

But , where are you now ?

Some say it was destined

That you had to go...

But I say that you had decided to go...

You heard your calling and wanted to go back home.

Eschewing every bond.

You shared your future

And wish for another life and another place.

Reminding me that the soul never dies.

You were ready to decamp...

But, where are you now ?

I promise and pray that we will meet again soon

Somewhere in this lifetime

I shall touch your hand...

And somewhere I shall see you smile

As you spread your radiant light

You will live in me forever Pa

I am sending you a copy of this

Do read and tell me if I wrote alright...

I promise to be a learner always

Humble and loving to the core

And to walk as you taught

I Wish to walk with you again

But, where are you now…?

Preeti S Manaktala: Poet & Writer

Preeti often ineloquent, writes down her thoughts often in verse, and that seems less complicated to her ! She is inspired by everything beautiful, like LIFE itself. Verses fills her up with fragrance of a different kind, the colors on the butterfly, the filtering sunlight through the trees , the westward sky through a sunset, the clouds, raindrops and its petrichor, the snow, nature itself beholds her ~ inspires her and her old soul. Forever in love with herself and with a heart full of gratitude, she sits down to write a new song on days when her laid back soul is less languorous !

She loves poetry , travel & solitude. A mother to two charming boys, she believes that - “My Life is my own making” She also believe that life is a mélange of episodes and memories. This is what she attempts to capture through her writings.

The above poem by her has been chosen as the Editor's Choice Category for the #poetryandproseprompt #fathersdaycelebration organized in the Facebook Group Page of Chrysanthemum Chronicles.

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