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The mystical union of divine souls, separated by situations and the callings of duty and demands of divine intervention on the planet, have gained both holy and mythical dimensions. When an incarnation of God himself falls in love, Heaven and Earth come into play. The simple rural life of the child, born to accomplish miracles throughout his life, conquering demons from infancy, and his innocent sagas with his foster mom and playmates are the stuff of fairytales. Childish pranks and loving playfulness invoke the maternal feelings of the womenfolk, and the protective instincts of parents everywhere. Yet this child was no ordinary human. To divinity born, to defend the earthlings destined, to royal duties bound. Every moment of his presence on earth was a testament to his godliness. His deference to duty prevailed over his personal affiliations. Yet his love never diminished. Its glory shone like a beacon through his times and all times hence.  -Nandita De nee Chatterjee

Letters To The Flautist (The Unaddressed Epistles)

SKU: Krishna 001
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