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Female Bust

Fear always doesn’t have to be an apparition or a ghost! It can have an altered guise altogether; perhaps a living sociopath is more than enough to give you the chills. And what if in dense forests you hear the ulutations of dead women warriors whose presence is still believed by the locals. Not all unearthly beings are appalling, they have a purpose and reason to be on this earth and around you, they might be either protecting you or perhaps want to devour you. Macabre Tales will take you to such a riveting roller coaster ride where fear in each story will have a different face and meaning. The labyrinth of 17 odd stories from different households will give you the mixed feelings of fear, sympathy, contemplation, doubts, anxiety and much more. Horror is not the thing this year, macabre tales are!

Macabre Tales: Anthology of Uncanny Short Stories

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