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When the earth wakes up from its icy long slumber, it opens its eyes toward the carpet of blossoms, dandelions, roses, tulips and so many other flowers. Undoubtedly, earthlings have a special liking for this season because it soothes their eyes and warms their hearts the most. Margaret Wolfe Hungerford said, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, but this season, I presume appears beautiful in the eyes of every beholder. Spring has a whim about her, magic beyond our comprehension, the slightly cold dawns, the mildly warm noon to long evenings, filled with the nip of varied fragrance of varied flowers flowing in the breeze fills the soul much, and the cherry on the top is that divine singing of cuckoo all-day long. You feel immediately transported into a different world altogether, a different era where time stands still, and you feel Spring is the queen of seasons for sure.

Spring Love Poems

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