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Shiva is also known as the God of contradictions... Passionate and Compassionate, Calm and Calamitous, Benevolent and Irascible, Creative and Destructive, Saintly and Hedonistic. Despite all His anomalies and peculiarities like wearing a tiger skin, a serpent around His neck, Trident, Damaru/drum in His hands, 'Rosary Beads', Rudraksh, smearing ash and many symbolic iconographic attributes, Shiva is gracious, courteous and magnanimous. Meditating on the cosmic features and elements of the universe on the Kailash Mountain of the Himalayan Ranges or roaming around in the cremation grounds, 'He' is an oddity unto himself. Shiva is 'Consciousness'. Those who dwell on this aspect of 'Consciousness' facet, implore to evoke His grace to blend into that 'Consciousness', of 'Soham Shivoham', 'I Am That, I Am Shiva…' It's all in our minds what we perceive, cognize, accept and incorporate within our own capacities and capabilities to regard or disregard the Aniconic attributes of Mahadev, The Supreme, Transient, Changeless, Formless and Timeless entity called 'SHIVA'.

The Aniconic Cosmic Dancer (Verses of the Divine)

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