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Summer Retreats by Daisy Bala

Summer retreats, rejoicing the heart

The perfumed breeze catapults, tugging the emotions

Of glee and enchantment

The tropical joy calling benevolently

In the garden of blooms

Haven of perfumes

Where Honeysuckles and gardenia

Lazingly bustles

With Rich lavenders plotting purple hues

Pink hydrangeas staying loose

Like a summer blushing bride

They Paint my muse

With The heavenly glossy foliages

Blossoming everyday!!

Lavender florets mooning as lily rampages

I see perennial garden beds in bloom

With Peonies gorgeous smells

Gardenia creamy lustful scents

Filling my nostrils.

Primrose heralding spring

Plumeria intensifying their zing

Scintillating with seductive dewy drops

and blossoms that this mid summer brings!!

The briny balmy evening draws me to walk the beaches too

Inducing clarity on a hot summer day

The turquoise waters splash

In sea foam green and varying teal

The wind rustles past the blushing spume

Swirling in crispy broth

On the sandy beach.

The calm salty moisture

Wreaking havoc on my curls

My nostrils smell the salt crunch

The grains between the toes exfoliate my thoughts

And the oasis of serenity, the ocean

stir clarity inside me

I’ve never been the same !!

This summer’s therapeutic!!

I wanna hire

the Vintage Volkswagen camper van

In puffing holiday zeal.

And make a maiden trip to, rip currents of Santa Monica,

The Maui whooshing past the blushing spume

like the freed wind harmonica.

To the gregarious tropics

It will raise a toast,

As the squirming sunshine

Will boast and host.

a grandeur afternoon gala

Where waves make a choppy sea,

and the wind will rustle past

the chiseled camper’s chassis !!

Daisy Bala: Writer & Poet

Daisy is passionate about writing poetry and stories, serenading words with embellishments of thoughts and emotions! She pours her incandescent heart on paper scribbling about anything and everything under the sun! She is a homemaker living in Chicago with her husband and 2 kids and has published her nature poetry eBook 'Blossoms and foliage's' on kindle, this year. She has been published in a few anthologies and loves participating in writing competitions. Off late she’s been writing continuously in English and Hindi both.

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