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I Don't Want to be The Goddess by Ritu Taneja

Image Source: Pinterest

The mirror image or the social branding I was hiding behind ?

You name me or I do to mine ?

The red color of love & pride

or just for the bride ?

The paradox being the same for blood and same as sindoor

Impure or assure

it signifies quite the both

Also says fertility and prosperity

But suddenly becomes gross in those days

How and fine

The beads around my feet

A symbol of love and decor

Or one of disguise

The thread binding them

Or trying to bind my science

The ideal decorative image

Tying my hair

Or tying me from behind

Paint on my nails

Sends me details

The book of fairy tales

Suddenly fails

And how

You know how

You know why

You know when

Still you pretend

The exterior of it still appealing to the eye

No matter what goes inside

The shivering the quivering

the disgust the agitation

Took away

The smile

the pride

the exemplary shine

And the ornaments define

Me, my apprehensions, my status and my pride

Also my vulnerabilities, my ecstasy and my mind !


My mirror image

The social image

Or my mind !

© Ritu Taneja @HerSoulSoothes

Ritu Taneja is a poet who loves to love nature and people for what they bring to her as a person. A poet whose work has been featured in a couple of anthologies including 1000 women book which holds Vajra World Record. A poet who believes in the balance in power of self expression through written and spoken words. She writes mostly on Instagram, Mirakke and Yourquote by the name of HerSoulSoothes. Writing liberates her. The above poem by her has won her The Editor's Choice Award for the #poetryprompt #evokingthegoddess organized by Chrysanthemum Chronicles on their Facebook Group Page.

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