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Is She a Sinner? a Poem by Indrani Chatterjee

Image Source: Pixabay

She was sculpted with every inch of divinity for celebration

As vaticination from zion depicted that her feminine incantation

can't flinch to engage masculine intent to propel the ambit of evolution.

But without her man's name being suffixed to her, every percipience to bear the fruit makes her a sinner.

Enrobing her seraphic smile she has to loom the milieu of redundance

Pledging to every dreamy eye as daughter, consort, mother and fosterer

that she shall debark in their life as vanguard of hope and adjuvant tide.

But when she longs to paint her solitary sky to aviate as a wispy maiden cloud, she is a sinner.

She can be Monalisa on canvas enchanting the limner himself as a fecund embodiment,

Mesmerizing chiliad eyes, ensnaring their mortal senses.

She culminates to the apex of discussion being glorified and empowered.

For she has been crafted by man himself with legendary vision.

But as a carnal soul when she determines to be an effeminate protagonist, to shape the perspectives of community,

She is being stigmatized as a sinner.

She effuses balmy essence to fumigate the lives in her bower.

She is the oil that burns to aflame the earthen lamp at eventide.

Beseeching the propitious vibes to oust all evils afar.

But when she entreats for a speck of light to ignite her life

Or a fragment of azure to fly her convivial aspirations, she is a sinner.

Is she destined from heaven to be a sinner?

Author & Poet: Indrani Chatterjee

Indrani Chatterjee is a perfective homemaker, a published author and writer, and a mother to her only autistic child. Even from the barred layer of felicity, her emotions occasionally well up to inundate the white in blue. Nothing is ceremonial in her revelation and approach, that is purely self-motivated. She only wishes her readers to glide along with the rhythmic undulations of her penmanship. She is a co-author of the Shiva Anthology titled “The Aniconic Cosmic Dancer” and ‘Monochrome Verses’. Another anthology based on the love theme was published in the Anniversary Edition of 2022. Both are initiatives from the House of Chrysanthemum Chronicles, a Contemporary Publishing House.

She is also an ardent music lover specializing in Rabindra Sangeet (songs composed by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore). Currently, she is pursuing Senior Diploma in the same. She also pursues Karaoke singing and performs on social media platforms. Her son also shares the same love for music. It shapes the bonding between them.

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