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A Lover's Plea by Lakshmi Venkatachalam

Shimmering pools of eternity

As you gaze at another man in fond fancy,

But to me, your eyes, shining grace,

On your fair face.

My heart beats in passion

With blind devotion,

To drown in those liquid lights,

Swimming against the tides.

Love, linger not, thus,

On another man’s vain lust,

My mind yearns for you

Like frenzied air or vast mountain view.

To drown in ecstasy,

And rise in frenzy,

To dizzying heights,

On love’s soaring sights.

On wings of fleeting clouds magical

Let us fly to lands exotic and tropical,

Beneath spring’s floral bowers

Discover my passion’s bountiful powers.

Unchartered routes on love’s glorious trails

Of heady passions and sweet sails,

Our lives sprinkled with glittering tips

Our arms entwined in eternal bliss.

Rosebuds are not softer than you lips,

That bloom to a shy smile,

That I wish to fold within,

And savour in memory’s miles.

Time’s constant wheel circles for ever

We are destined to be bound forever.

The changing orb at night, as she smiles and preens,

Beguiles me with your whimsical yet dear mien.

When mortal chimes toll my final bells,

Spare a thought for this love-sick self,

Who dream’d of a heaven

In the silken bonds of your soft haven.

Writer & Poet: Lakshmi Venkatachalam

Lakshmi Venkatachalam is a poet, creative writer and freelance journalist. She has recently (July 2021) published an E-book of poems, Of Hope and Faith & Other Poems, Blue Pencil Publishers, which was well received by poetry lovers.

Her articles and stories have been published in several magazines and newspapers.

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