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Haven Extraordinaire by Antara Banerjee

When the sun shines

with mellow kindness,

and blue butterflies

hover around fragrant blooms…

coral reefs reflect

vibrant hues across crystal waters…

soft splashes of frothing waves,

lull me into a rosy reverie…

A rainbow moment

tiptoes out of the

strict regime of time…

as an ambient sky smiles down upon me…

velvet petals of a roseate dream,

lilt upon the limpid pools

of my slumbering eyes…

Whispers of sensuous tales,

misted with primal desires…

waft over my skin…

A season of perpetual spring

alights on the frilly satin

of my blushing bed….

Elusive chimera of diaphanous forms

flow around me like angels…

touching me

with a delicacy infinite…

Could this be the budding

of a new genesis?

My soul sprouts visions

of a haven extraordinaire,

a sanctuary

of endless indulgences…

an elegant transcendence,

whose whereabouts

are privy exclusively,

to my enraptured soul…

Author & Poet: Antara Banerjee

Antara Banerjee is an award-winning author of the books, 'The Goddess in Flesh' and 'To be a Woman'. She is also a tri-lingual poet with the book, 'Pieces of a Tormented Mind' to her credit. Her works have featured in anthologies like Peacocks in a Dream, OPA, Freedom Raga and Erothanatos, Macabre Tales and such. Masters from Goldsmiths College, London and graduate from Presidency College, she is the recipient of Sanmarg Aparajita Award 2019, Young Achiever- Literature and Udaan Empowering Women Awards 2017, for her contribution in Women Centric Literature.

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