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The Devil's Catch by Lisha Patnaik Das

Not once did you say

The flowery curtains

Are beautiful in a way!

They veil my pretensions,

Your valiant absence

Comfort of lies that we caress.

In the lap of disobedience 

How soul wades towards

Inner devil’s paradise.

Maligning my overcoat

Climbing up to the heart

Turning the blood blue;

I let it travel through each vein

Finding its prey, from all sides

To hold it tight, possessing!

By the time it reached mind

Everything turns indigo already;

Like ink rushing when in water.

You still stood there staring 

Into the nothingness 

I had to offer,

While I was killed, my deep insides.

Yet you did not say

How you liked the curtains

Or their flowery way!

Lisha Patnaik Das: Poet & Writer

Lisha is an Automation Engineer, working with TATA Consultancy Services, INDIA. Apart from her profession, she is a free thinker mom, who has a flare for literature and poetry since childhood. She writes poems as it heals her and mends her broken veins. She observes the world around and gather her thoughts around it. The above poem by her has been chosen in the Editor's Choice Category and has found place in the online Journal of Plethora Blogazine now.

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