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This Brooding Tacit Love' by Kokila Gupta

His Lament

Our souls entwined, yet I pine

For a nameless union,

Each waking moment, dreamy sleep

In the reverie in between, in illusion

I wrote on winds wafting through lands,

On clouds- my words pouring as rains,

On leaves falling down fecundating the grounds,

On which she walked in dawn's dulcet refrains

My words scattered on merry blooms,

On nightingales’ notes, on lonely shores

Caress perhaps, she'll with pearl fingers

My feelings would ignite her soul

And I'd meet her there in mist, in storms

In winds, in soil, in woods, dry leaves

She, ambrosia for my tortured being

And I her rapture, I knew, believed.

'Feel me!' in delirium I cried -

'In bold strokes of dusk and noons

In gold edged hues of autumnal reds

Ochre russets maroons and pinks

Are all my love's auros aubades

With thousand silent words of love

You've promised, spoke volumes to my soul

O Love, like a witch you had had me ere,

Crossing you at that fateful threshold!

United in soul we'll be together on this land

When blue orioles sing by twilit amber lakes,

If only for one day ere doom, till last breath,

Last day-break, you clasped in my embrace

In this unutterable abyss that your absence is

I experience love like foliage changing at season's whim

You the rock beneath unchanged, unaltered

Your warm smiles to crack me with a lilting chim!

Seeping inside my brooding heart, my parched soul providing respite from life;

Nay, You ARE life! the bittersweet wine

Even the gods are envious of our love, they forget

O beloved; you are ME not just mine."

Her Ode:

How I long; what wouldn't I pledge,

To hear how fervently you feel for me!

Though, I know each word you left unsaid,

Each tacit emotion that surges in your being,

Yet, I feel a pang, an ache to hear

Proclaimation of your love gush out, drench me

The sound of your words saying, 'I mean the world to you',

I yearn for these heady words uttered to me!

Come look, this yellow scarf in my tangled hair,

Its summer tied in plaits of my auburn braid

Its each turn those days in prairies gold,

Its twists our nights under silver hay

That wayward ribbon from my tresses

Now faded like life, in pocket thine,

Dyed once in pink with carefree young love

With soaring spirits of love's first shine

I rushed through vales on moonless nights

I searched for you through spring, through fall

The world may laugh, call me absurd

My soul seeks your soul from eternities all

Am sunshine; moon gleams from my glow

My sillage stays like blackbird's lingering melody

O Darkness, you made my moon burn like a jewel,

Gratitude to your tenebrosity!

As twilight simmers with a sweet melancholy

My heart somersaults with blazing pyres

Like phoenix rises the joy of our sleepless eyes

From silver ashes of dreamy desires

Ah, the opal orb of my longings, my plight

Pinned to the bosom of tempestuous night

Embraces me in his stygian umbrage

To eclipse us both from prying eyes!

With smouldering eyes of argent fire

That scar on temple I so admire,

Your gaunt face with pulsating nerve,

That ominous brooding, the well-hidden verve

Dark tousled hair like crashing waves

The rugged charm of raw passionate gaze

Elements at war, conflicted soul -

Part savage, part nurturing, part soft

These loyal eyes with a primitive gleam

Under moss covered rainbow ruins of dreams

You touched me on that leafy ground

Stardust and fairies flitted around

Lavender fields swelled up in my bosom cold

I find you- an uncut gem, a river of scintillating molten gold!

Destined by Gods to pine, stay apart and mourn

But, 'The honeysuckles have embraced the thorn'

O celestials riding in the wake of night, O starry stream,

This sunshine glows from her moon's loving argent gleam,


Kokila Gupta

Writer & Poet: Kokila Gupta

Born in a literary environment of AatmvatSarvBhuteshu, with poems as lullabies; philosophy as bedtime stories, Kokila Gupta was brought up amid mountains and valleys nurturing a deep love for nature and simplicity. She chose Immuno-Parasitology as her field of study and later resigned from a Government job to pursue her other interests. Her prose, poetry, musings or Haiku, all express a natural affinity for life in mundane spontaneity. She is an artist by nature, a reader by birth, a lecturer by profession, a traveller by passion and a writer/poet by choice.

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